LNZ Group and Bayer (Monsanto) have been cooperating for over 5 years. The result of the fruitful collaboration was the launch of a new brand of corn hybrid seed - LEGEND. Under the license agreement, Bayer (Monsanto) has outsourced LNZ Group 3's legendary, time-tested, hybrids to the DC 315, Insafle and Drivi. In this way, the cooperation of the companies turned into a private label format.
From now on, the LNZ Group has the exclusive right to use these hybrids under the LEGEND brand, as well as control over production and product quality.

LEGEND hybrids

The DRIVIA hybrid is early and has FAO 260-290. The moisture output is fast, the repair is average. Has average initial growth energy. Resistant to stem lodging. The type of grain is tooth-like.

With physiological maturity, the hybrid has a good fertile ability of the cob. The number of grains in a row is 30-34, and the number of rows in a cob is about 14.

The hybrid is medium resistant to rotting stems, has good resistance to helminths and Fusariosis. Soot resistant

DK 315 is a medium-matured grain hybrid with FAO 310. Its moisture output is fast, average repairability. The hybrid has low initial growth energy and has an average resistance to stem lodging.

The DK 315 grain type is tooth-like, with a mass of thousand seeds - 320 g. The number of grains in a row is about 27-28, and the number of rows in a cob - 14-16.

The hybrid is medium-resistant to rotting stems, resistant/medium-resistant to fusariosis. It is also resistant to helmintosporiosis and smut.

INSUFFLE is a silo hybrid of FAO 240. It has average moisture output, repair and initial growth energy. Good resistance to stem lodging.

Good fertile ability in physiological maturity. It is medium resistant to rotting stems and has good resistance to helmintosporiosis and fusariosis. Smut resistant.

MaxiPro – energy, which gives profit

Premium seed treatment technology MaxiPro is a new commitment to seed protection. MaxiPro has a triple action that unlocks the maximum potential of a future corn crop and protects it from pests.

Highly effective insecto-fungicidal components form reliable protection against pests and diseases at critical moments in crop development, and an innovative biostimulator provides maximum energy in the initial stages of growth. Due to this, good and even seedlings are formed in the field, which will ensure good quality of the future crop.

Advantages of MaxiPro protection technology:

  • increasing the field germination of seeds;
  • ensuring the uniformity of the seedlings in stressful conditions;
  • unlocking the maximum energy potential of initial growth;
  • control of pathogens of such diseases as Alternaria Ness., Aspergillus Mich., Botrytis Mich., Cladosporium Link., Fusarium Link., Mucor Mich., Penicillium Link., Pytium Pringsh., Rhizoctonia DC., Trichothecium Link.
  • Strong insecticidal protection against the main pests at the stage of sprouting (Click beetle, owlet moths, larva of bean seed fly, brassy flea beetle, Anisoplia segetum Hrbst, Oscinella, leafhopper ).

The newest preparative form makes it possible to use the target properties of the active substances as efficiently as possible.

The initial growth energy determines the ability of the plant to form friendly and balanced seedlings, which has a positive effect on the future harvest.

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