LNZ Group is a vertically integrated agroindustrial holding, the main business areas of which are: Seed production, Agroproduction, Grain business, Distribution of sowing materials and plant protection products. We are the company that continually learns, develops and searches for the best solutions for agrarians of Ukraine. In this catalogue we have gathered the best breeders' experience from America and Canada and are pleased to present you high-yield grain hybrids and for the first time in the Ukrainian market, the Leafy and Floury Leafy type hybrids.

The corn hybrids from the company LZZ Group have been grown in the world for over 25 years. During this time they were tested for compliance with stringent requirements regarding agrotechnological characteristics for dairy and meat cattle breeding. Nowadays such hybrids are considered as a separate type of corn. Among their advantages is an excellent balance between effective cellulose and digestible mass, quality starch, which is better split in the rub, and unique agronomic properties that are highly valued in the dairy industry, such as high overall yields and long harvest periods. We are convinced that our exclusive hybrids are a new step in the development of the corn industry in Ukraine.